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Work with program and project managers to develop the organization's budget
    Review managers' budget proposals for completeness, accuracy, and compliance with laws and other regulations
    Combine all the program and department budgets together into a consolidated organizational budget and review all funding requests for merit
    Explain their recommendations for funding requests to others in the organization, legislators, and the public
    Help the chief operations officer, agency head, or other top managers analyze proposed plans and find alternatives if the projected results are unsatisfactory
    Monitor organizational spending to ensure that it is within budget
    Inform program managers of the status and availability of funds
    Estimate future financial needs
    Budget analysts advise The Assembly

Roles of the Budget Office:

    Provide budget related information to the budget committee, the departmental committees and other financial select committees of the county assembly.
    Provide service to the budget committee, departmental committees and other financial select committees of the county assembly.
    Prepare reports on budgetary projections and economic forecasts and options to manage the budget deficit.
    Prepare analytical studies of specific subjects such as financial risks posed by county government enterprises and financial policies.
    Assist in the preparation of the county assembly budget.
    Analyze and report on policy documents such as the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP), the County Fiscal Strategy Paper, the budget estimates, finance bill, appropriation bill, financial regulations etc.
    Ensure monitoring of budget implementation by various sectors.

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