Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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The mission of the ICT Department is to provide appropriate Information and Communication technologies that enable the members and staff of the Assembly to access the information and services necessary to do their jobs. The goal of this Department is to become an enabler of change within the Assembly, by assisting all departments to enhance productivity through the innovative use of technology.

Our Department supports the Assembly’s legislative, representative and oversight roles through the use of technology based solutions. We provide and maintain the network applications and infrastructure, telecommunications, general office applications and equipment and provide support for custom-built applications. Other significant roles include user support and training, electronic information security, asset management and collaboration, database services, business continuity and emergency planning.

Information and communication technology (ICT) Department is such an integral part of our Assembly

Duties and Responsibilities.

  •     Developing and updating application systems.
  •     Carrying out system analysis, design, and programme specifications in.
  •     Configuration of ICT equipments.
  •     Drawing up hardware and software specifications for ICT equipment.
  •     Maintenance of computer systems.
  •     Carrying our repairs and Maintenance of ICT equipment and associated peripherals.

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