Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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The Hansard; who we are and what we do

The Hansard is the official record of parliamentary debates and committee proceedings.

About Us

The primary task of the Hansard Department in the County Assembly is to provide a clear and
independent record of all the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly and the committees; both
select and standing committees.
We also provide transcripts of evidence given to select and standing committees of the Assembly
to both in-house, state organs and members of the public.

The Role of the Hansard

Hansard  is  an  edited  record of  what  was  said  in  Parliament. It  also  includes motions, votes,
written statements and written answers to parliamentary questions. The report is published daily
on the website covering the preceding day, and is followed by a bound final copy of a weekly
The Hansard serves well as a rich historical reference on matters debated and decisions made by
the representatives of the people.
The Hansard forms a good casing point for the electorates to hold their leaders accountable on
representational matters and also give their contributions on issues they feel should be raised to
enhance good governance.
The Hansard department therefore assists citizens who need information for follow-up on issues
that are affect them.
Any citizen wishing to obtain the Hansard record needs to make a formal request to the Clerk of
the Assembly stating the information required then the copy will be availed within the shortest
time possible.

Processing of the Hansard

The Hansard office  in  the County  Assembly is responsible  for the  recording  and  archiving  of
County assembly proceedings and its committees.
The Hansard being an official record of the County Assembly goes through a specialized process
to ensure that the proceedings are safeguarded and reproduced without alterations.
The production of the Hansard involves operations of machines that records the proceedings on a
computer and recorders. Then segmentation is done to assign audio segments to the transcribers.
When the segments are transcribed they are then merged with careful listening to avoid skipping
a link. A merged manuscript is edited and prepared into an accurate draft that is later published
in hard and soft copy format.

Duties and responsibilities of the Hansard Editor and reporters include:-

1. Responsible for coordination and production of the Hansard
2. Editing transcribed records, processing manuscripts, preparing accurate drafts;
3. Maintaining a consistent and accurate Hansard publishing format;
4. Maintaining an accurate database of the Hansard publication;
5. Development and maintenance of policies, rules, standards and procedures governing
Hansard production;
6. Maintaining links with the County and National Government Ministries/Department,
the public, media, and other Commonwealth Editors’ Associations and Unions.

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