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This department his headed by Florah Kimosop (H.O.D).

Duties and Responsibilities,

  •     Management and administration of library.
  •     Direction, control and co-ordination of library goods and services.
  •     Implementation of library work, selection and acquisition of books and library materials.
  •     Formulation and implementation of library policies.
  •     Estimating and vote control and preparation  of annual reports.
  •     Cataloging : Indexing of reading material.
  •     Retrieval: Use of the indexing systems to access reading materials and shelve them appropriately.
  •     Lending: The process of giving out and receiving back reading materials.
  •     Binding and Materials: Strengthening reading materials by holding their pages together and repairing them as necessary.

This department is headed by MOSES LETIO KIPKAREN – Senior public Communication/Media Relations officer.

Duties and Responsibilities.

  •     Monitor Public Opinions regarding the assembly.
  •     Development and Implement communications strategies and advice the assembly plan public relation programs including the cost.
  •     Coordinate all public relations related activities including publishing of brochures, handbooks, flyers, new bulletins CDs e.t.c.
  •     Updating the county Assembly Website in liaison with IT department.
  •     Coordinate and receive all visitors to the county assembly.
  •     Issue press release, react to media stories and proactive media reporting through the appropriate channels.s
  •     Conversing public relations and media related meetings and chairing the sessions while ensuring that all minutes are taken and filed.
  •     Respond to inquiries from the public, media and other institutions.

Any other duties that may be assigned be the clerk to the assembly from time to time

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