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1.0 The mandates of the department include;
i)    Maintenance of buildings, and minor Repairs
ii)    Refurbishment ,Alterations of the buildings and Associate installations
iii)    Planning, Coordination and implementation of  county Assembly projects
iv)    Liaisons with project consultants
v)    Replacement and Servicing of  equipments
vi)    Supervising the installation, inspection, commissioning, testing Electrical control in buildings
vii)    Undertake and oversee all Development projects of the county Assembly service Board.
viii)    Undertake and Oversee the development of the county Assembly master plan and advising accordingly
1.1    Activities undertaken in 2014.
a.    Refurbishment of the Baringo County Assembly Chamber
The implementation of the refurbishment and Remodeling of the Assembly is 98% done as per the Contract signed
b.    The refurbishment of the Office for the Members and the Staff
The implementation of the refurbishment, purchase of Furniture and the curtains fitting to the same   offices was completed in June 2014.
c.    The supply of 100KVA generator.
The supply of generator is complete, tested in a good working condition in the Assembly, and commissioned
d.    The improvement of Electrical works
The Electrical works were being improved in line to new works installation of the machines from the Hansard Equipment in the Assembly sessions.
e.    The Hansard Equipments
The equipment supplied, tested and it is in use in the Baringo county Asssembly Chambers as per now.

1.2    Activities undertaken in 2015.
a.    Refurbishment of the Baringo County Assembly Restaurant;
The implementation of the refurbishment and Remodeling of the Assembly is 96% done as per the Contract signed with Gidly construction Ltd.
The Proposed vertical Extension works to the Baringo county Assembly offices for the Members and the Staff, the Contract signed with Swift Builders and civil Engineering Ltd.
b.    The implementation of the improvement of works to the vertical works, installations of its associate’s works are in good progress and expected to completion on 27TH August 2015 as per contract signed.
c.    The implementation of the Construction of Baringo County Assembly modern gate works and its associate’s works are in good progress and expected to completion on 30TH August 2015 as per contract signed with Yemtech Engineering Ltd.

1.3    Maintenances services.
Maintenance Activities undertaken include Normal maintenance work, minor repairs, refurbishment and Alterations. The maintenance work covers the buildings and provisional   works as re-routing some earlier works done due to the current developments infrinches on the previous client taste of works hence some had to be redirected in the installations on site, replacement of bulbs and servicing of Equipments and Machines among others.
1.4    Challenges to delivery of service
a)    Inadequate office space and Equipment
b)    Inadequate size of  committee rooms facilities in terms of setting up the Recording Hansard Apparatus
c)    Inadequate Technical staff.
d)    Slow and long procurement process.

The functions within this job family will vary by level, but may include the following:

    Reviews, analyzes and presents financial data, including revenue projections and expenditure reports, to determine funding requirements.

    Prepares financial statements, reports of operations, expenditure reports, statistical data, and other information concerning financial requirements; assists in gathering and reviewing data for preparation of budget work programs.

    Maintains various ledgers, journals, registers and other fiscal records; allocates revenues to appropriate functions; classifies expenditures and posts to various accounts as required.

    Reviews and processes expense vouchers, invoices, and other fiscal documents for payment; reconciles various financial reports and other data concerning fiscal operations.

    Determines payroll requirements; maintains payroll data; prepares and processes monthly payrolls.

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