Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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The Committee deals with all matters related to cultural activities,public entertainment and public amenities, including betting,casinos and other forms of gambling;racing; liquor licensing; cinemas; video showsand hiring; libraries; museums; cultural activities and facilities; County parks, beaches and recreation facilities; and ensuring and coordinating the participation of communities and locations in governance at the local leveland assisting communities and locations to develop the administrative capacity for the effective exercise of the functions and powers and participation in governance at the locallevel regardless of gender.

  1. Hon. Cyrus Kibii       - Chairperson
  2. Hon. Richard Kitilit   - Vice-Chairperson


3.    Hon. Lucy  Ngetich       
4.    Hon. Purity Tallam     
5.    Hon. JuliusLekosek       
6.    Hon. Valentine Sergon   
7.    Hon. Stephen Makilap   


Committee Clerk

Yvonne Rotich

Assembly Highlights